Simurgh Accelerator

 : Introduction

Yas innovation center is an accelerator and facilitator specially for hardw

We help hardware entrepreneurs find their best way through a startup life cycle from idea to product

   : Yas consists of 4 main groups

  • (Accelerator (Simurgh
  • (Entrepreneurial events (Hodhod
  • (Content generator (Homa
  • (Commercial service center(Phoenix

Simurgh offers an 8-month program for startups while providing a collaborative environment surrounded by hardware experts, mentors and fellow entrepreneurs.

: The program includes

  • funding support
  • access to electronics lab
  • Access to design & manufacturing equipments
  • Engineering support
  • Working space & offices
  • Etc

We aim 5 programs within the next 4 years. In Each program, about 30 startups are admitted for pre-acceleration phase; among which 10 teams are finally selected for acceleration phase

HodHod Evenets

Hodhod is a host for educational & promotional events related specifically to entrepreneurship and startups.

Some of its entrepreneurial events include:

Dast-b-achar event: an educational event to familiarize entrepreneurs with  the whole process from idea to market.

Danesh-kar event: an educational event for engineering interns & job seekers

Ghoghnos Center

Goghnos center serves as a supplemental unit for Simurgh accelerator. It is a facilitator for entrepreneurship process and its services include:

  • BP writing
  • Patenting & trademark registering
  • Business consulting
  • Legal consulting
  • Commercialization services
  • Accounting & financial services
  • Marketing services


Homa Division

Homa is responsible for education & content generation.

It generates and expresses goal-oriented content about entrepreneurship & innovation in various fields.

It also holds educational sessions & workshops according to the contents generated, some of which are:

–   Idea exchanging sessions on business topics & knowledge-based economy, being held at universities

– holding idea exploration workshops

– holding workshops on entrepreneurship ecosystem

– Translation of related books & journals


Contact us

No23, Pardis Tech Park, Tehran, Iran

Tel: +982176250350-1